Year 6 Mural

Year Six have been thinking carefully about what helps to keep our mind and body healthy and came up with lots of ideas and designs for our leavers’ mural – here is the (not quite but almost finished) culmination of ideas put together by our wonderful mural artist, Graham! We think we have some designers in the making in Year Six!

Take One Picture Art Week

For our art week, we have been exploring the painting, ‘An experiment on a bird in the air pump’ by Joseph Wright of Derby. Year Six spent some time looking at a range of different themes in the painting and 6LH were intrigued by what was in the jar. After some research, they discovered that it was thought to be part of a skull and they thought that it might be that of a bird from a previous experiment. They subsequently came up with the idea of creating their own replica bird skull from wire mesh and papier-mache . Here is what we’ve done so far!

Performance – links for lyrics and songs

Hi all

download (18)

We have found links online where you can see the lyrics and listen to the songs for our performance (Thank you, Paola!). Feel free to practise these at home!

We will only be learning the songs shown in the lyrics list below.




The ‘Take One Picture’ painting has arrived in Year Six!

We are kicking off arts week with a morning of exploration of this wonderful Joseph Wright Painting, ‘Experiment on a bird in the air pump’. This morning we will be thinking about the themes that emerge from the painting and what creative work we could produce linked to this. Do you have any ideas you can share with us? We’ll update you with our thoughts later!


Here are some links where you can learn more about the painting….
National Gallery link